Goodbye #ugstJOUR

    Wow, the semester is really almost over. I can’t believe how quickly my first semester of college went! Of course right now feels like it’s dragging on forever with dead week and finals coming up. I can’t believe how much I’ve done this semester. It’s been so crazy, but so much fun! I’ve joined a few organizations (The Emerald Eagle Scholars Organization, the Denton Wesley Foundation, just to name a few) and I’ve met a lot of new people. 

    My main lesson I have learned is that I need to chill out and not stress so much. Stress can be a good thing, but I think there were definitely times I overworked myself this semester, and times I didn’t allow myself enough fun. I think I’ve grown in the sense that I’m starting to put myself out there more. Even if I don’t want to do something or go to an event, I go just because I need to experience something, or whatever harm could come isn’t too terribly detrimental. 

   Right now I’m really looking into Development and Family Studies for my major. I’ve all but said NO to journalism and psychology, and I just feel like I’ve being called to DFST. I’m really excited to take the Human Development class next semester to see if it really is for me. 

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For me spirituality and religion is very personal. I’m a mix of religious and spiritual. I follow religious beliefs and attend church, but my beliefs deviate from those of the church sometimes. And I don’t like expressing my faith too vocally. I mostly like to just reflect within myself. I learned about the difference between spirituality and religion today. Spirituality is slightly more structured than I initially thought it was. 

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Our Road Trip Nation group has worked pretty well together. For my group I typically voice recorded the interviews. With our group we’ve had to meet a few times to make sure everyone was okay, but we haven’t had to make sure everyone was pulling their weight. We all understand what we need to do for the project and when we need to have it done. We’re really good about not having to babysit each other or haggle each other about work. We’re also good about communicating to each other via text or facebook if we ever have a problem or when we need to meet up. We’re all doing our parts and working together to make sure our final product is presentable. 

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In the class discussion I identified with being Christian. The values that go along with how I live my faith are openness, faithfulness, and not being judgmental. I have been called hypocritical, hateful, stupid, rude, and a ton of other things by non Christians. I personally don’t care if other people are Christian or even religious or not at all, I just want to be able to live with my faith peacefully.

I’ve judged a book by its cover, everyone has. I also have been surprised at what’s inside the pages, though. I’ve been judged as well, though. In middle school and high school everyone thought they knew who everyone was, but no one took the time to look deeper at what was going on with the person they were judging, I again am at fault of this as well.

As far as the text goes, I pretty much agreed with it. College is so great because there are so many different people and everyone can finally be themselves. In high school you were looked down upon and judged so much for being the slightest bit different, but in college everyone can get away from their predisposed judgments and find others that are like them. Also, we are exposed to so many different kinds of people in college that we can (hopefully) become more comfortable with differences and learn to work better with people.

I’m really hoping the study abroad while I’m in college. I would love to study in Spain; it’s definitely my number one. Honestly though, anywhere in Europe would be great. I also am just talking to a lot of different kind of people. The church I’m involved with on campus is so diverse; there are different types of people all over the place. It’s something we all agree makes our group so great. 

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Did You Know?

Wow. That video set in some harsh and some cool realities. I say harsh because I had no idea the average job rate. I personally would like to stick to a job! But as far as all the facts about technology goes, it’s not shocking. It was a little in my face, but it makes total sense. I just checked how many text messages I send and receive a month, 6,000! I had no idea I was texting that much. And most of the time I’m saying things like “K” or “Hey what was this homework assignment?” It never ceases to amaze me how needy we really are of our technology. 

As far as thinking about my major/ career options, I’m a little nervous, but only a little. I say that because yes, some information will be outdated very shortly. But I don’t think that means it will become worthless. I think anything we learn will be able to be applied in the future, we may just have to adapt to changes in the technology, or new research, or a new way of doing things. I think we are all very capable of that, though. It’s in our nature to want to improve things, and I think we will do a fine job of keeping up with the rapid pace.


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Response to Relationships

In response to Camara’s post on relationships:

   In all these situations there was some kind of conflict or misunderstanding, which caused a riff between the people in the relationship. After a while, though, they talked about it or came to a realization to make them understand the other person better. In the end they realized their mistakes and were able to mend their relationships.

    I probably relate most to the Cinderella example. For me this tends to happen in more than just romantic relationships, though. I typically will assume something that is totally untrue and will act on it until either I bring it up or the person tells me that it’s not true. This has even happened a lot the other way around; someone thought something about me that wasn’t true and I had no idea they thought that because they were afraid to tell me or whatever reason.

   With situations like this I usually try to understand the situation in its entirety through talking with the person about any issues I have. I’m pretty set in the sense that if I have a problem the only way to take care of it is to not be afraid to talk about it.

   Throughout this lesson I have learned that many problems that arise in relationships happen because of miscommunication or misunderstanding. I also learned many of the problems can be avoided by working things out to their fullest extent until everyone agrees.  

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Financial Planning

By the end of this lesson, students will more thoroughly understand where to find help for financial planning problems and how to plan their financial spending.

At 8:15 she talking about the actual facts. Before then, she describes different situations and crises that could have been avoided by utilizing the five facts.

Financial planning is crucial to college students’ success later in life. There are many different theories regarding how one should save money, but the overall goal is just to simply save money. Even though we’re only in college, we need to focus now on good spending/saving habits, because what we do now with our money affects us in our future.
Some examples from the video above are
Follow a budget (live beneath your means)
Be debt free. Pay cards in full.
Have an emergency savings account.
Negotiate salary.
Save for retirement – now.
Some other examples come from Zac Bissonnette, a graduate form the University of Massachusetts and a financial columnist for AOL at the age of 21.
Learn to say “no” to yourself at least once a day: if you can’t afford it, you don’t deserve it.
Buy used or cheap clothes; price doesn’t ensure better quality. You can also wash your clothes in cold water to make them last longer.
Take up hobbies that don’t require a lot of spending
By groceries online or in bulk
Buy used cars and avoid monthly payments (pay in full)

Saving money is crucial to financial success in life, but even savings can be blown away by a lack of self discipline. Our generation is very focused on instant gratification, but in order to be responsible about money, we need to learn to be patient and realize that rewards come with hard work, or savings. Think about where your money goes now. What do you spend it on? Do you need the things you spend it on? How could you spend your money more responsibly? How could you start to save it?

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“TEDxWallStreet – Alexa Von Tobel – One Life-Changing Class You Never Took.” YouTube. YouTube, 12 Apr. 2012. Web. 09 Nov. 2012.

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